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We are a trusted provider of municipal services in Northern Virginia, with over 20 years of experience. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering high-quality services, designed to meet the unique needs of each client. We are committed to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, and adhere to the highest industry standards to ensure the safety of our clients and employees. Thank you for considering Municipal Services.

Featured Projects

At Municipal Services, we take pride in our work and are committed to delivering high-quality solutions for every project we undertake. Take a look at some of our recent featured projects to see how we have transformed public spaces and exceeded the expectations of our clients.

Metal Flat Roof replacement

Central Storage facility metal roof replacement, job was performed in May of 2020.

Outdated and warn out roof was replaced due to leakage problem around the sky lights. Old roof tested positive for the led, an appropriate permit was pulled and remediation performed in accordance with a Fairfax County laws. An original standing seam roof was replaced with a R-panel roof. Roof gutters and insulation was also replaced at the same time.

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Concrete Stairway Replacement

North Shore Pool concrete stairs replacement on the back side of the pool.

Original concrete stairs were put about 40 years ago, and caused many slips because of the inconsistent riser heights, step widths, and a steep angles of 8-10 degrees. New stair passage was created in compliance with 2018 ADA codes. Custom railing was produced, prepped, primed in our production facility prior to installation.

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Temporary Road Picnic Pavilion

Picnic Pavilion was updated to accommodate ADA visitors, Reston Association.

The picnic area was established about 40 years ago and was never updated. Upgrade implemented an ADA compliant walkway to the pavilion. Regraded ADA parking spots and ADA accessible toilet enclosures. An asphalt paving was replaced in the entire area. New plan implemented a decorative retaining wall and area re-grading.

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TPO Roof Replacement

Uplands Pool flat roof repair and replacement, Reston Association. Project was completed in March of 2020.

Existing flat roof failed due to its age, water penetrated the building in a many spots. One roof truss completely detoreated and needed a replacement. Four skylight were also replaced at the same time.

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The Lake House Renovation

The Lake House flooring replacement and traffic flow adjustment within the house, Reston Association. Project was completed in January of 2020.

Renovation plans called for carpet flooring replacement to a LVT plank, removal of two glass wall partitions separating, thus restricting the traffic flow during the events. Installation of the steps needed to join two areas together and a custom made stainless steel railings, matching the existing railing design in the building.

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Tiles & Partitions Replacement

New Bridge Pool house shower tiles update and partitions replacement, Reston Association. Project was completed in June of 2021.

Outdated tiles were replaced with an updated version of a pool tile, accommodating new Shcluter tile edging and maintenance free epoxy based grout. Pool house partitions were replaced with a new color that was adopted by Reston Association through out the community, and a piano style door hinges.

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Service Area

Municipal Services is dedicated to serving the Northern Virginia region with our high-quality municipal services. Our service area covers a wide range of locations, including cities, counties, and towns throughout Northern Virginia. We are proud to serve this region and are dedicated to making a positive impact on public spaces in the area.

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